Heels in various shapes and materials for casual or elegant footwear.
Stiletto, spike and waisted heels to suit designer's every whim.
Models always in step with fashion dictates for heels in plastic, leather and faux leather.

Our production has diversified more and more over the years to remain constantly ahead of the times. At present, we have more than 5,000 articles in production and which are subdivided into utilized materials:

  • plastic and plastic with a metal spine;
  • polished and natural leather with possibilitities of other finishes;
  • imitation leather with several colours available;
  • wedges and plateau;
  • gold or silver plated heels.

We also offer services such as:

  • a constantly up to date design and modellry department;
  • creation of new moulds;
  • prototypes in wood according to the needs and design of the client;
  • an exclusive reserved to the clients that have designed their own moulds;
  • the sale of used moulds (old fashioned models).

Text and photos : Ars Sutoria